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Wording for Referendum on 11-6-18
Jun 16, 2018
PDF Version: 25174_2018-Jun-16_Wording for Referendum on 11-6-18.pdf

On 6/5/18 the board rescinded the ordinance regarding changing the elected treasurer position to appointed.  That will no longer be on the November ballot. 

The only position being recommended to change to appointed from elected is the town clerk position.

Dunn County

At the upcoming November 6, 2018 Election, the town board will be posing a referendum question to the community.

The referendum will allow the town board to individually appoint the position of town clerk. Currently it is an elected position.

Referendum Question #1:
“Shall the person holding the office of town clerk in
the Town of New Haven be appointed by the town board?”

By answering YES, electors would allow the current town clerk position to become an appointed officer, and the position would change from an elected position to an appointed position.
• This would permit the town board to select and appoint future town clerks  with the necessary skills, education, training, and experience to handle the increasingly complex tasks of municipal government, choose candidates who possess skills with the strongest abilities and most experience, and save the town resources and money related to electing and training new officers for that position. This would also allow the board to appoint someone who lives outside of the town if necessary.

By answering NO, electors would allow the town clerk position to remain an elective office to be voted on at Spring elections in odd-numbered years.

The term of office for the appointed town clerk position shall be set by the town board, but may not exceed 3 years per 60.30(1e)(c).  The town board may re-appoint the officer for additional terms.  However, removal by the town board during a given term may only be for “cause” as defined under 17.001 and required by 60.30(1e)(f).  The salary of the appointed position shall be set by the town board and may not be reduced during the term of office.

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